Nathan Millar is an up and coming furniture designer and maker based in the historic silk town of Macclesfield, Cheshire. Each piece of furniture is lovingly hand crafted using the finest local timber available. From the initial wisp of an idea through to the final coat of polish, everything is done in house. Meticulous care and attention paid to every last detail.

Nathan Millar Furniture specialises in both fully fitted and free standing furniture.

Commissioning your own piece of furniture can be a very enjoyable and fulfilling experience. It gives you the chance to realise your dream piece of furniture. Through a series of consultations where designs, sizes, ideas and functionality will be discussed, some initial designs will be produced. Scale drawings and sketches will follow. Once a final design is agreed, production will start on your dream piece. Customers are encouraged to visit the workshop to see it in the making. Everything is made to your exacting specification.

Traditional construction combined with modern techniques make for a piece which will last for many decades into the future. Design inspiration is taken mainly form the wood itself, always trying to show it off to its maximum potential. All designs are produced by Nathan himself.

Please feel free to get in touch, Nathan is always happy to discuss any project.

Recent Work